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l i n k s  to  b e t a t e a m    

PCMICRO (great resource for RA alike BBS software!)
The page of Andre Grueneberg of Comtel BBS
Mike Bremer's page
Bruce Corbett's page - SysOp of Bruce's Banter BBS

g e n e r i c    l i n k s    

www.mannsoft.ca - MannSoft home
zoob - grouty \Grout"y\, a. Cross; sulky; sullen. [Colloq.]
Mike Hodgson
Z - Michael Preslar

B B S    s o f t w a r e    

The Sysop corner
OpenSource FIDO mailer
PCMICRO (largest RemoteAccess alike site!)
Sunrise Door software
KWIK BBS - The BBS in-a-can - Example configs for BBSes, mailers etc!
The CyberNetic Cafe -- Supporting BBS Awareness, PowerBBS, Miragenet, and Home To Graphic Expressions!
BBS support site - dedicated to keeping BBSing alive
Cheepware Software

C o m m u n i c a tion    

Ray Gwinn's page (author of X00 and SIO)
ADF - The best DOS based FOSSIL driver for Windows
ZOC - Terminal and TELNET application
Terminate a BBS communications program
The BBS corner - a big list of all sorts of telnettable BBS'es

E c h o m a i l    

FMail echomail tosser
BBSTOSS echomail tosser
Fidogate echomail tosser (Linux)
CrashMail II echomail tosser (Linux)
CrashEcho echomail tosser (Linux)

P r o g r a m m i n g    

Borland - owner of Delphi and TurboPascal
FreePascal - a GNU licensed Pascal compiler for DOS,OS/2,Win32,Linux
Delphi Super Page


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